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5 Things You Need to Know about Business Feng Shui

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Is Feng Shui necessary for business? The answer is YES. Good Feng Shui spaces can help your business grow and thrive while bad Feng Shui could lead to financial loss. The following are 5 key concepts you need to know about business Feng Shui.

1. Facing Direction

In Feng Shui, different directions generate different types of energy. The facing direction is very important because it is where Qi start to flow into your business premises. Therefore, Picking an auspicious Feng Shui direction can attract auspicious Qi and wealth energy and increase your chance of success.

2. Location, location, location

When choosing a business location, the surrounding environment also need to be taken into consideration from Feng Shui perspective. For example, is there a strong support at the back of the premises? Is the energy on both side balanced? Are there any infrastructures such as roads or buildings generating Sha Qi or attacking energy that could affect the business? The external Feng Shui environment are just as important as internal Feng Shui.

3. Front Entrance

The front entrance is the 'mouth' of the business premises. It is the entry for Qi. To ensure positive energy flow into your business, it is vital to check if there is any road facing the main door? What is the shape of the road? Does the road affect your front door energy flow? Is your front door near a bridge or next to utility poles.

4. Business Renovation

When renovating your business, there are many factors we need to consider in order to create positive energy flow. For example, where to place the cashier? How many lights are auspicious? Where to place the company logo? What direction is the best for office desks? What is the best shape and color for the front door?

5. Color choice

Colors need to be chosen very carefully because they directly affect the business owner's wealth luck. Generally speaking, colors are selected based on the business owner's Bazi and it is different for everybody. Therefore, picking the most compatible colors can increase the business wealth energy and abundance.

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