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Basic Feng Shui Guide

Are you looking to improve your wealth, career, health and relationships? 

Good Feng Shui acts as a magnet for positive energy, promoting prosperity and wealth. Our Feng Shui practice emphasizes a holistic approach, considering both internal and external environment to achieve a harmonized energy balance. If your career, wealth, health and relationships have faced setbacks,  the root cause may be related to Feng Shui. This is where we can help you identifying any Feng Shui issues and provide tailored remedies to increase the positive energy flow in your living spaces.

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Feng Shui Questions

Feng Shui Q&A

Have a specific question about your home or office Feng Shui? Ask away!

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Feng Shui Guides

If you have particular Feng Shui inquiries, our personalized services can provide precise solutions that address your unique concerns. 


Life Gua Number


Download the free guide to find out what is your Life Gua Number

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House Flying Stars


Calculating your permanent flying stars for Period 9 enhancement


Money Corner


Identifying and enhancing your money corner for prosperity


House Hunting Checklist


Charting each sector of your space for comprehensive analysis.


Desk Placement


Placing your bed at a direction that enhances your career luck


Bed Placement


Placing your bed in a compatible and auspicious direction.

Life Gua Number

If you are planning to build, renovate or rebuild your house or business. Our team can help you design personalized Feng Shui layout to ensure the house attracts positive energy from the very beginning. 

Date Selection

📅 Selecting the Perfect Date and Time


Whether it's your wedding day, moving into a new home, groundbreaking ceremonies, or product launches, we are here to help you choose the most auspicious date and time. Trust us to make your special occasion a success.

Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya
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