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We provide a broad range of personalized services aimed at helping you enhance your prosperity and fortune


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Hi, I'm Clara Zhao✨

Feng Shui Consultant, Artist & YouTuber

I am a professional Feng Shui consultant based in Sydney, 🐨Australia. Together with my father, a Feng Shui Master, we collaborate to provide clients with optimized energy flow solutions for homes and businesses, leading to improved well-being, success, and prosperity.

Our mission is to demystify Feng Shui, making it accessible to everyone. We bridge the gap by guiding our clients through not only the practical 🌱HOW of integrating Feng Shui into their living or work spaces, but also by helping them understand the essential 💡WHY behind each practice.

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Lisa, LA

"Clara provided a very detailed report.  It outlined guidance on how to remedy our home to create flow.  She was incredibly patient with follow-up questions.  We really appreciated her intention of helping us bring harmony and prosperity into our homes.  Thank you, Clara."

Feng Shui Blogs

I make Feng Shui
             to understand


💰TOP 6 Feng Shui Plants for Wealth | Lucky Feng Shui Plants
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